Website objectives

Our objectives are in a fleeting look:

1. aggressively seek to further our recognition and reputation;
2. continual improvement of the quality of our service supply;
3. to charm and nurture an outstanding numismatic community;
4. to promote the collegial and integrated approach to coin collecting and research;
5. to attract and charm an internationally diverse numismatic community;
6. to provide a reliable environment to promote the interest of AC's community;
7. to keep in a personalized constant contact with the participants of AncientCoinage.

These seven goals clearly point in a distinct direction, a sheer defeat: accomplishment of our mission!

To serve all participants of AncientCoinage to the best of our ability, and after having identified a need for a new, and challenging service on the Internet offering a solution to cope with:

• an exponentially growing information supply;
• fading consistency of the information found; and
• the impersonal nature of both web commercials and communications

a powerful Information and Communication Management system [ICM] has been installed.

With AncientCoinage your dynamic and interactive portal, devoted to international collectors of ancient coins, is currently under completion.

Since our prime objective is to aggressively seek to broaden our recognition and reputation in the numismatic community at large, we have a total commitment for personalized service rendered to collectors, vendors, scholars, museums and ancient coins admirers at large. Let's make it happen together. Make a registration entry right now!


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