Mission statement of AncientCoinage

Our mission is to be a recognized leader in the communication and dissemination of information on ancient coins that has significant impact on admirers of archaeological coins from the roods of Western Civilisation.

In sum [executive summary]
Recommendation, admiration, recognition and desire in an internationally active numismatic environment are the major keywords of our mission statement. Together they form the acronym of: RARE DIANE.

The hallmark of AncientCoinage's information supply is its proven influential Information and Communication Management system [ICM] [1], framework for efficient one-to-one communications. With an ethic agreement on privacy and full transparency of the surfer's profile [2], registered [3] participants of our website obtain a coherent, multi-dynamic safe information exchange. Complementing your knowledge base, AncientCoinage promotes top coins, supplies information and defuses tailor made communication through a combination of education, entertainment and free information.

The integrated approach to the coin business is made possible by an international network of volunteers.

In order to fulfil the mission, AncientCoinage has identified a set of specific goals:

* AncientCoinage aggressively seeks to further its recognition and reputation among international coin collectors, vendors, scholars, museums, and coin admirers at large. This will result in enhanced deposit of both information and coins linkage in Coin Gallery [4], and enhance its trade opportunities;
* AncientCoinage seeks continual improvement of the quality of its service supply and collection publishing ?democratising at large ancient coins to the grand public;
* AncientCoinage must charm, maintain and nurture an outstanding numismatic community. Since the website is critical to achieving our mission, registered participants of AncientCoinage must be pushed and provided resources to develop important and relevant scientific research, insight and contact exchange that advances both the understanding and the practice of coin collecting. To accomplish this, we must foster and reward creative risk taking by the website organisation in her research and her development of all collection managerial initiatives, and encourage all efforts to communicate her results beyond the numismatic community;
* website importance and traffic to Coin Gallery must remain of a size that maintains and promotes the collegial and integrated approach to coin collecting and research;
* given the globalisation of business and trade opportunities, the AncientCoinage platform must attract an internationally diverse numismatic community of the highest quality in both its information and contact supply. Registered participants of our portal are expected to be ancient coin collectors;
* AncientCoinage seeks to provide an reliable environment that promotes the interests of its registered participants;
* The portal energetically involves its interested communities [e.g. collectors, scholars, admirers] in its efforts to improve the quality and the recognition of all its activities.

pan-European leadership
AncientCoinage believes that its ability to offer a dynamic and interactive portal, dedicated to archaeological coins from the roods of Western Society, and personalized business services both on local and pan-European basis presents it with the opportunity to become the leading pan-European platform for ancient coinage.

AncientCoinage believes that its effective Information and Communication Management system [ICM] offer a distinct ability with the potential to attract the largest audience in Europe to create a "must-join" network. In addition we provide a pan-European platform for tailor made webvertising and e-commerce for our partners.

Personalized business services
AncientCoinage's personalized business services concentrate on its core contribution of archaeological coinage from the roods of Western Civilisation and coins related products and services, principally to international coin collectors, and its partnerships with providers of personalized e-commerce provide a broad range of service offerings, including: ancient coins, books, trips, conferences, insurances, survey certificates, etc. etc.


1 ICM: an Information and Communication Management system, allowing us to deliver personalized servicing.
2 To make ICM work best we require an accurate set of the surfer's coinage wants and needs. Profiling on the Internet, though, is still controversial. Unless absolute transparency is given, much prudence is advised. Please note that we provide absolute transparency about the profile and that the individual surfer stays in command.
3 After registration a rough profile of your ancient coinage interest is revealed to us. We'll slowly fine-tune it through observation of the surfer's actual surf behaviour in our website to complete a set of wants and needs. As from now all information and entertainment supply within AncientCoinage will be matched to his profile. That makes one-to-one communication meaningful and personalized communication exchanges are set in motion.
4 Coin Gallery is the publicity centre of all ancient coins our participants filed for publication. Please note that there is neither an obligation to file your collection, nor a duty to participate in Coin Gallery.

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