This website is neither the result of new discoveries nor of revolutionary new ideas on earliest coins, it is the synthesis of the thoughts and experiences of two friends that share a passion: AncientCoinage.

The website author is indebted to a large group of academic, professional and amateur numismatics who have shared their knowledge of archaeological coins and wisdom through interviews, articles, lectures and multiple hand outs or books. It is not possible to recognize all of them in one and the same way, but a conscientious surfer, one day, will become aware of their many contributions [1].

To honour those that deserve it most we encourage you to share information, to participate in Coin Gallery, and to talk about our website with friends. Help us expanding AncientCoinage: platform for the international collector of archaeological coins from the roods of Western civilisation.


1 Our website is the result of a cooperation between a large group of international coin collectors and admirers of Coin Gallery and AC's i-collection. We don't claim ownership of the material they provided to AncientCoinage. However, because of the nature of our coinage community, it is impossible to make a careful check on all the rights. Please be assured that it is neither our intention to infringe on existing copyrights, nor to exploit what is not rightfully ours. Where ever this is regretfully the case we invite the rightful owner to make it known to us.

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