Why register?

Or for that matter why should I login? In the preface of AncientCoinage we informed you about our website objectives and stated: "it is our objective to serve you in such a way like no one has ever done before on the Internet". That's why an innovative Information and Communication Management system [ICM] is developed. A dynamic and interactive management system with 'self-learning' characteristics, allowing us a personalized one-to-one information and communication exchange.

To make this system fully run, your input is needed. We therefore ask you to supply some basic input about your name, address (both e-mail and postal), and telephone number.

It is a fact that on the World Wide Web [www] many have abused your trust as it comes to the privacy of your information supply. Consequently you are cautious and you should be! Be assured that our code of conduct includes an ethic agreement with you on privacy issues, as laid down in our Privacy Policy. While registering your information we'll therefore request to actively confirm your accord with our privacy policy.

As part of our ethic agreement on privacy a set of Terms of Use is formulated. While registering we'll also request to actively confirm your accord with these terms. It is important to keep in mind that these terms are formulated for the benefit of your personal well-being while browsing through AncientCoinage.

Once an entry of your Registration is made we'll provide you with a login ID. This is an alpha-numeric code allowing you to browse in your personalized environment in AncientCoinage. Wile using this login ID you will encounter a great number of specific Benefits including a right to publish [1] your coins in our website, and when the time is ripe to participate in the Collection of AncientCoinage.


1 It is a fact that unknown makes unloved, so publishing your coin makes it more valuable. Subject to a specific set of rules you may file your coin for publication in Coin Gallery [for more info go to Coinage Office].

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